ja mniejsze 2

Photography has had a place  in my life for  around 16 years. My journey started from the other side of the camera as model and that’s how photography became important part of my life.With no doubt  I treat my camera like  my child. Being at a both sides of the camera gives me better perspective for  photography. I love catching candid moments, emotions, chasing kids for natural smiles, cute faces. I try to picture people in the best way they can look. I like to go out walk around or play in studio to photograph simple things and find interesting compositions for  unique images and  simply to get more experience. Every photo session I treat individually and I put my heart and mind into it, its not a repetitive job, and never boring. I  always try to do something creative  either during session or in post process and truly  enjoy photograph in a beautiful surroundings  of Okanagan.