Little angels- newborn photography scenario.


We all adore cute babies, they so tiny, innocent… just beautiful little angels. This wonderful moments when new child is coming to the family, all the waiting and excitement.

Maybe is your first one, and lots of unknown, totally new experience, maybe another one to start new journey with too and more kids, they all different, they all loved, cute bundle of joy … but beside all of this there is other side. Sacrifice, responsibility and hard work as a parent.


I see new parents coming with newborn to the studio, and they start yawning I dont take it as bad manner, I know they suffer from lack of sleep, they hungry as they sometimes, dont have time to cook and eat properly,  so they getting frustrated easier as the baby is crying… when they really want those cute pictures of the baby.

Then I sometimes take the baby in my hands and I say to them relax… I understand and I’m patient, the babies are crying its normal, we might not change them in many cute outfit we have, and not achieve all the poses were planed, but we will get cute images I am sure.


I know for them seems like 15 minutes waiting for baby to calm down is  long time, but I know its nothing that’s why I  reserve 2h time for doing baby pictures. Baby can feel frustration and getting fussy with changes around him/her. Sometimes its better get few good pictures in one outfit, setting instead of struggling to get many in variety of  clothes and settings.


Its better limit number of people if we can at the time where is only baby’s pictures taken. Of course feed the baby  before and change diaper so the little angel is content. Also good idea is to do lifestyle pictures at baby’s home, on mom and dad’s hands, showing the bond between parents and child, siblings, its beautiful. You don’t need to look perfect, who is going to look if you have a perfect hair and make up, attention usually its on a baby and emotions. Just be yourself, relax, don’t take me as stranger who hide behind camera and do pictures, take me as a friend you comfortable with and the one who help you to catch the unique moments.

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If you have lovely nursery room for your baby, you were preparing for few months,  will be nice to show it and have pictures taken over there too. The blanket your grandma made for a baby or little stuffy you got it from parents when they found out you pregnant, or those tiny shoes you bought to announce the gender, lets include them in the photos.

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